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About me

Hello and welcome all to my Homepage. My name is Gustavo Arzac and here is some background about me:
I attended CSU Stanislaus where I received my Bachelors degree in Spanish, Multiple subject credentials, Administrative credentials, and a Masters degree in Education. I also attended Teachers College of San Joaquin, where I finalized my Administrative credentials. 
I am an Escalon High School graduate and I have been part of Escalon Unified School District since 2015-2016 where I taught Spanish at Escalon High School. Since then, I have taken on a variety of roles in EUSD, including years as a Spanish Club advisor, football coach, and part of administrative team at Escalon High School.
Currently, I am a teaching principal at Vista High School. This unique situation allows me to be in the classroom along with being the school site principal. I teach English, Physical and Life Science, Economics, and Physical Education.