Vista High School and its staff would like to welcome you to the 2017-18 school year. We hope that you enjoyed your summer break and are now ready to return to the classroom to learn, improve and succeed!

Our staff has changed quite a bit since the end of the previous school year. As many of you may know, Mr. Moreno, Mrs. Pendley and Mrs. Ainsworth retired after many years of service to Escalon schools and students. Joining us this year to teach English, Math and History is Mr. Nate Bartelink, whom many of you may recognize as a former math teacher from El Portal Middle School. We are happy to have him at Vista where he will put his talents and enthusiasm for teaching to work for our student success. Our new counselor is Mr. Gustavo Jimenez-Fregoso, who has experience working with students at the college level and will bring his expertise and know-how to our students so that they can have every opportunity to explore future paths after Vista. Our new secretary, Ms. Theresa Langum, may also be a familiar face to many Escalon students. She previously worked at the EHS counseling center as the receptionist and also held a position at Dent Elementary for a few years.

Although some of the faces at Vista are new, our intentions and mission have not changed: we are here to serve students and provide them with as many opportunities to learn and to progress toward graduation as we possibly can. We are looking forward to a successful and positive 2017-18 school year.


With warm regards,

George L. Megenney, Principal